It was a great spring day, clear as a bell and maybe even some warmth. Very nice.

I have a family of swallows setting up housekeeping on my shed. You see, every lot has a shed, which makes for a lot of blank walls to look at. I told my neighbor to feel free to […]

Pot: Pesticides, a tale of three states

The Denver Post bought samples of marijuana products and had them tested for pesticide residue, which showed disturbing results. The city then stepped in and began testing, resulting in a lot of recalls. The “pure, organic, medical” claims growers were making weren’t true all the time.

But Colorado didn’t test marijuana, they didn’t have approved […]

Doctor today

My cardio doctor thinks all is well, and no changes to my meds are necessary. He wants to see me again before I leave in the fall.

And he explained something I noticed a while ago: I don’t have a pulse in my wrists. The nurse tried hard, to no avail.

Well, they took the […]

Pot: Residencies for ownership and investment

Washington and Colorado require anyone with a financial interest in a cannabis be a state resident. Oregon never included this requirement, likely due to the close business relationships with Californians. Alaska decided to allow out of state money, and Washington just recently changed their law to allow non-residents.

It’s given as a sure thing that […]


I’ve had a few days of sun so it was easy to drive around and check things out. Very little has changed since I left.

The boat yard is chock full of the big commercial boats in the Alaska fleet. It’s the welders and steel workers getting the hours now. There aren’t that many wooden […]

Back in Washington

Two weeks ago I landed in Ashland as a rainstorm came in. Today I crossed the Columbia and the sun came out for the first time since then. I spent two weeks covering I-5 in Oregon, mainly by waiting out storms in pricey RV parks.

I liked Ashland a lot. And I always enjoy Eugene, […]

Rain in Eugene

I’m at one of those next to the freeway rv parks for a few days to wait out a rainstorm. The forecast is dismal this weekend, but I’d rather be stopped in Eugene than most other places.

Bookstores, for one thing….

Pot: Oregon

Southwest Oregon and Northwest California are considered the premier cannabis growing region in the US. They’ve been supplying marijuana, breeding marijuana, and developing useful technologies for over 50 years.

Since marijuana was “legalized” in Oregon, the folks in the growing and selling business are operating under temporary rules set by temporary laws and administered by […]

Pot: Aspen Colorado

Last year in March and April there were more sales of marijuana than alcohol in Aspen. I guess that shows that skiing or riding when drunk is a lousy idea, but doing it stoned is great.

The city gets a portion of the state taxes collected on cannabis products.


I did get out this morning when the weather was good, and made it as far as Roseburg, now I’ll sit for two nights before moving. The forecast is for rain for the next week.

My idea was to cut over to the coast if the weather improved. It isn’t at all, and today there […]