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It was a great spring day, clear as a bell and maybe even some warmth. Very nice.

I have a family of swallows setting up housekeeping on my shed. You see, every lot has a shed, which makes for a lot of blank walls to look at. I told my neighbor to feel free to decorate the side of my shed they’re forced to look at, which they did with some wall hangings. Then, about a week ago he put up a bird house, and it looks like a pair of swallows are building a nest.

Nifty. But I can’t watch them. And I have to remember to not knock around too much in my shed for a while.

The swallows here now are migrating, and I’m a little surprised a pair has chosen to stop; it will be interesting to see what happens. Swallows eat flying insects, so no work on my part….

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