Pot: Oregon

Southwest Oregon and Northwest California are considered the premier cannabis growing region in the US. They’ve been supplying marijuana, breeding marijuana, and developing useful technologies for over 50 years.

Since marijuana was “legalized” in Oregon, the folks in the growing and selling business are operating under temporary rules set by temporary laws and administered by two separate agencies. To my eye, I don’t see any consistent compliance with all the rules, but then there isn’t any enforcement, either.

No enforcement, no compliance. Good for everyone. Easy.

These are weird times, that gray area between passage of legalization and full implementation of the regulations. That’s taken about 18 months in other states, but Oregon allowed sales to start in just a couple of months under temporary rules. Think about letting the cows out without having thought about where they will go.

When the state gets caught up in October, things will look pretty good. In the meantime, though, it’s anything goes.

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