Pot: Check out the Denver Post

The Denver Post has been aggressive in covering the marijuana legalization scene since the beginning of legal sales and consumption in January of 2014.

I recommend looking at denverpost.com/marijuana to read a week-long series of articles as a look back over the progress and issues Colorado has experienced over the last two years.

The gist […]

Windy, next is cold

The rig is rockin and rollin in winds gusting to 50 mph, but I think more. There haven’t been any brown-outs, but visibility is low.

As the wind dies down this evening, it will get cold, into the mid-twenties.

I discovered something about my new catalytic heater. It’s the same model as my old one, […]


I’m in Quartzsite now for a while. This time I’m at La Posa North checking it out. I’ve got a view of the highway, the interstate, and the town itself. Just a mile or so from town.

I’m expecting a season of rain, and the El Nino storms can be brutal. Last year I spotted […]


The Somerton Tamale Festival has been growing, and it’s getting to be somewhat of a hassle. Every year the crowds get bigger and more vendors are set up. And parking becomes more bizarre.

But it’s still a good festival to see.

It didn’t occur to me until I got there that I needed to search […]

Pot: Activity in Washington

When Washington passed Initiative 502 in 2012 there were not any numbers that described the current or future size of the cannabis market in the state. Some effort was made at estimating, and these guesses concluded there would be 1.3 billion dollars annually in cannabis sales, and a cap on retail stores was set at […]

It’s been cold here

Mornings have been very chilly lately, though not freezing. I guess I’d rather have cold than rain.

The Somerton Tamale Festival is this Saturday, something I manage to make quite frequently. Last year I bought extras and froze them. Unfortunately, tamales loose a LOT of themselves when frozen. It’s with regret, but I won’t try […]

An Odd Sight

I went to get gas and encountered a traffic jam of trucks. These were unusual in that the trailers were stark white with no markings of any kind. The Love’s parking areas were filled with about a hundred, there were maybe fifty gumming up the roads, and there was a convoy going by on I-8. […]


Here I am next to the highway and the tracks again. The weather is good, breezy and dusty, but I’m going to look for an alternate parking place on higher, drier, ground. Maybe not for the immediate future, but for later when El Nino becomes a factor.

For now, I’m planning on bouncing back and […]

Heading west

Tomorrow I’ll head out on 86 through Why and Ajo and lay up in Gila Bend for a night. It’s been a while since I’ve taken that route, and I always want to avoid the freeways. The downside is I miss a visit with friends in Casa Grande but I’m betting I’ll see them soon […]

Snider Hill, Tuscon

I moved up from Amado today, picked up a new cat heater, and parked at the BLM spot on San Joaquin Road.

There are a few things I want to do in Tucson, but I’m mainly interested in getting to Yuma someday. So, just a few days here….