I’m in Quartzsite now for a while. This time I’m at La Posa North checking it out. I’ve got a view of the highway, the interstate, and the town itself. Just a mile or so from town.

I’m expecting a season of rain, and the El Nino storms can be brutal. Last year I spotted a high spot in La Posa North, a spot that is above the water course, yet with a good trail to pavement without going through a wash. Good spot so far, but there isn’t any rain.

It’s cold, temps will be at freezing this weekend.

Right away after parking I tilted my panels and immediately got a huge shot into my batteries. They’ll need another day or two get fully charged.

Things are slow here so far, but most of the major vendors are up and running. I like this time of year in Q because it’s easy before the hordes come in a couple of weeks.

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