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Windy, next is cold

The rig is rockin and rollin in winds gusting to 50 mph, but I think more. There haven’t been any brown-outs, but visibility is low.

As the wind dies down this evening, it will get cold, into the mid-twenties.

I discovered something about my new catalytic heater. It’s the same model as my old one, but it felt like it wasn’t putting out the heat at maximum setting as the old one. That was interesting, but I got more interested that I wasn’t having to run for propane like I expected. I ran off one tank so long I concluded that the switchover had failed. It hadn’t; instead, the new heater seems to use about half the propane the old one did.

So I lost a few percentages of heat output, with about twice the fuel efficiency. Not bad. Propane costs aren’t a budget-driver for me, but toting the damn tanks in and out for refills is a hassle.

Cold is here for a week….

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