First day boating

The engine ran good, and the boat cruises well. The trailer is another story. The winch is toast, and half the rollers were frozen with rust. I’ll figure out my next steps after I sleep on it.

Will the boat swim tomorrow?

I’m all hooked up, checked the gas tank, and have one good battery so I’m going to give a try putting it in the water tomorrow. Oh, and today I paid the WA sales tax on my purchase.

I’ve never launched such a big boat before, a sequence of steps and techniques similar to RVs. […]

Rain in Washington

One of the first licensees to grow marijuana in Washington was near Sequim, not far from here. There is now a debate on how much they should pay for water. Marijuana is not a water intensive crop, so the requirements are pretty small, since they are growing in their barn. We’re not talking acres or […]

Purpose of the boat

The purpose of my boat is to day-trip around the Salish Sea and the San Juans, take some guests out now and then, take the family out for a ride. It’s not a live-aboard, nor will I be fishing. Fishers are welcome, but they must come with their own stuff.

The previous owner tried to […]

Boat Electrical

My boat has two battery banks, one with two 6 volt deep discharge “golf cart” batteries, and the other a 12 volt cranking battery. RV’rs are used to this, house and starter batteries. But old boats are not, they are designed for a starter battery that runs gauges and a radio. So how does this […]

Going through the boat

The first thing I did today was remove the canvas cover over the rear deck. It was in the way, and I have no plans to use it. Then I took the dinghy and tiny outboard motor off. No plans to use it, but if I do decide I want it it can be thrown […]


I bought a boat today.

Bayliner Saratoga, 25 feet. Hull built in 1978. Chev 350 with Volvo Penta I/O Drive, both recently rebuilt. I have some repairs/adjustments/cleaning to do this weekend, so it won’t go into the water until next week.


Looking for a boat

When I came up to the PNW a bit ago I had three things on my list of things to do:

Have a 4th grandchild. Check. That was easy.

Take a lot at the Chimacum RV park. Check. They’ll take anybody with money right now.

Buy a boat. Turning out to be not so easy. […]

Nice Mother’s Day

My birthday and Rachel’s birthday always occur near Mother’s Day and over the years it’s become a tradition to have a big celebration. Friends and relatives kinda liked it, and as the family grew more and more folk joined in. It’s a of lot fun, and particularly noteworthy with the infants and toddlers.

Kate and […]

Billy Frank, Jr

He died yesterday, a member of the Nisqually tribe. In the 60’s he became a leader in the pursuit of Indian rights granted them by treaty to the fish, shellfish, and wildlife of the lands that were being taken from them. As usual in these cases of our history, he led demonstrations, uprisings, unfortunate incidents, […]