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Nice Mother’s Day

My birthday and Rachel’s birthday always occur near Mother’s Day and over the years it’s become a tradition to have a big celebration. Friends and relatives kinda liked it, and as the family grew more and more folk joined in. It’s a of lot fun, and particularly noteworthy with the infants and toddlers.

Kate and Matt’s Ada is about two weeks old, and looking great. She didn’t like the fuss because we were interrupting her sleep. Chris’ neighbors brought over their Ada, about one week. Two Adas.

Lach and Amos are great 2 year olds. Both spend a lot of time with Chris and pretty much own her place. I was outside “watching the kids” and Amos went over to a plant (lots of them there) and started eating it. I explained that wasn’t a good idea, asked him to stop and he just grinned and handed me some. It was chive. Completely shot down by a 2 year old.

One set of adults is setting out to “See the USA” and I answered a lot of questions about my lifestyle. A couple from Germany is interested in Burning Man, but her health problems likely take a bigger place right now. It would be fun to share a house at BM with these seasoned world travelers. Might happen.

It was a good time. The party started at 9 AM and by noon everyone was out of there, acknowledging the reality of the kids “losing it” by then. Babies rule.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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