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Going through the boat

The first thing I did today was remove the canvas cover over the rear deck. It was in the way, and I have no plans to use it. Then I took the dinghy and tiny outboard motor off. No plans to use it, but if I do decide I want it it can be thrown in back of the pickup.

After hitting my head three times on a microwave oven installed by the previous owner, that thing went out. To operate it there’s a Xantrex inverter which is now no longer needed.

While I’m working, folk are dropping by to see what’s going on. Chimacum is a boat-friendly place, and the discussions were always along the theme of “How big is it?”, “How big is Ed’s?”,and “have you got the biggest yet?”. Well, I’m proud to say that I have the second biggest in the park. As I was standing up there on the fly bridge cars full of ladies were driving past to look.

The seller was a car re-builder and collector of old vehicles. He sold the boat to make room (and money) for a restoration project of a 1954 Ford. So the engine is great. But he wasn’t so great on the electrical side, which I really enjoy playing with. He moved the batteries to the V berth (the sleeping area), and while they are in a good box, it makes me nervous. Other than the engine alternator there’s no charging system, which means I’ve got dead house batteries right now.

The previous previous owner added a 110V system, wiring things up for lighting and outlets. A boat this size (Big as it is) doesn’t need 110, so that’s something I will take out.

There is a propane stove, but the bottle feeding it does not have the OPD valve, something I thought I’d never see. There’s gas in the bottle, and I doubt I’ll it use this summer. I like propane, but on boats it makes me nervous.

No active frig, but an icebox. I won’t be storing food there anyway, ice is fine for a day trip.

There’s a load of electronics, none of which I know either work or how to operate them. Never mind, I bought a tablet that pretty much trumps them anyway.

I own life vests enough to supply a ferry boat. The marinas around here have vest stations (“Need one? Take one”) so they’ll go there.

In the water next week, weather permitting.

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