Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The first time I saw the southwest and red rock formations I drove a rental to Valley of Fire following a convention in Vegas. Quite a long time ago, so it was good to be here again. I was pleased that my cell phone worked, though the campground is built into a pile of rocks.


Moving On

The weather forecast is excellent for the next 7 days, so tomorrow I go to Valley of Fire State Park, just north of Las Vegas. I doubt I will have cell phone service for a couple of days.

As I plotted my route from Valley of Fire, I picked Lee’s Ferry because I like it, […]

Back in Pahrump

Death Valley is always nice to see, and I couldn’t resist being so close and having a cool-down occur. It was very pretty, and very uncrowded this being early in the season for them.

The weather forecast looks good to pull off my plan to head due east from here. That would be north over […]

On to Death Valley

Of course, I’ll check the forecast in the morning but it looks like a cold front going through right now will moderate the temperatures down quite a bit at Furnace Creek. When the pattern reverses, I’ll come back to Pahrump, likely Saturday.

DV really doesn’t get going until mid-October, so I expect things will be […]

Pahrump, Nevada

If Nevada were to have a most beautiful city contest….no, that couldn’t happen. But if it were Least Beautiful, I’d nominate Pahrump.

I’m here because it looks like Death Valley will cool down later this week, and I’ll take advantage of it for 2 or 3 days.

I’m parked at the Lakeside Casino and […]

Snow on the Mountains

The Sierras got a dusting of snow last night (beautiful!) which reminded me that I probably don’t stand a chance of messing around in the mountains of New Mexico this season. Oh well.

I’m heading towards Pahrump, and am currently at Miller’s Rest Stop outside of Tonopah, NV. When I arrive, I’ll spend a couple […]

Coleville, CA

This is a tiny non-village along US 395, one of my favorite drives, alongside the Eastern Sierras not far from Topaz Lake. I’m not real anxious to drop further south, or out of the high desert, but a weather change this weekend offers a possible opportunity: a quick dash into Death Valley if the temperatures […]

Lake Washoe State Park

Lake Washoe is between Reno and Carson City, and the state park was recommended to me by a couple of friends.

It is perfectly quiet, has large sites, no close neighbors, and very few people. The scent of sage dominates, which beats kerosene. During bird migrations this is a good place, but I might be […]


Bright and sunny after last evening’s storm, but the wind was up all day, keeping things much more comfortable.

This was the days of the finals, naming the winners and such. The big deal is the winner of the unlimited prop-driven race, though jets are always faster. Still, the unlimiteds can almost reach the speed […]


Nice storm going on right now, but it feels good. I didn’t go onto the tarmac today because the sun is really brutal, and shade is almost non-existent at the air races. I’ve seen up close all the races and shows, and can spend the hot afternoon under my neighbor’s awning snoozing. We do have […]