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Nice storm going on right now, but it feels good. I didn’t go onto the tarmac today because the sun is really brutal, and shade is almost non-existent at the air races. I’ve seen up close all the races and shows, and can spend the hot afternoon under my neighbor’s awning snoozing. We do have a view of the action, though.

My neighbors. Scott and his buddies have been doing the races for 35 years. They’re packed into 2 spaces next to me, are experts on airplanes and the races, way beyond what I see. When they got together a few nights ago they celebrated until the wee hours, but now I’ve become one of them. Damned if I can tell a 29 from a 33 though.

I have become attached to a particular jet (uh?) that seems to be winning a lot. I like the color. Kinda sky blue or baby blue or something. It’s pretty and goes fast.

Sitting around this evening drinking and talking I had a great conversation with a retired life-time pilot of 747’s. I can actually engage in such a conversation as I’ve always wondered what the difference was with the 747-400.

I’ve become interested in the “unlimiteds”, 3400 horsepower, 56 spark plugs, over 500 mph.. Jets are cool but they can’t fly as fast as they can or the noise, the sonic booms, would bother us.

We seem to have to have a real storm here. A good east-coaster, so I’m shutting things down.

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