Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The first time I saw the southwest and red rock formations I drove a rental to Valley of Fire following a convention in Vegas. Quite a long time ago, so it was good to be here again. I was pleased that my cell phone worked, though the campground is built into a pile of rocks.

I’ve been very happy with Nevada state parks, and this one is especially nice, perhaps the state’s best. A great visitor center, excellent scenery, good roads, and low prices (for a state), not to mention quiet and uncrowded. I’ll spend another day touring around a bit.

Like in Death Valley, the campgrounds are empty with the exception of me and a dozen or so class C rentals. There must be a book entitled “The Europeans Guide to Seeing the US West in a Rental RV” as they all seem to follow it quite closely. So far, most are from Germany.

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