Yakima Valley

I’m ere at the Yakama Nation RV park for the duration of the holiday because everything else will be filled up, It is one of my favorite places.

Picking hops and apples has just begun, with mint ready to go. Corn and tomatoes are in huge abundance. I saw folk harvesting tobacco, something that’s new […]

On to Yakima

I’ll sit out the holiday weekend in the Yakima Valley, enjoying the bounty of peaches, pears, corn, tomatoes, melons, and an infinite supply of other good just-picked foods. Not to mention wines and beers. It’s a dramatic change of scenery, too, something I can use.

From there my destination is the Reno Air Races. Now, […]

Whidbey Island Tour

Steve and Sandy inherited a beach-side home on Whidbey Island, so they invited us over for a tour of the island today. They did a walk-on the ferry a while back and we hung out in the Port Townsend area. So, we did the walk-on the other direction.

Being from Seattle, I’m quite familiar with […]

Family visit

The family returned to Port Townsend, this time moteling rather than camping. I guess they like this area. And it’s a lot of fun seeing them, especially the little ones.

Maizie (age 5) is pretty good at taking care of herself, though quite imaginative being picky about food. The boys, both age 1, are either […]

I Seem to Have a New Hobby

120 Tons 1.2 billion dollars 365,000 customers

Those are the numbers that seem to be the most basic of Washington State’s analysis of the legal cannabis market. I’ve been interested in this business since encountering it in Northern California, and Initiative 502 in Washington set in motion a real analysis of this currently black market.


I Bought Beer Today

I won a gift certificate for Port Townsend Brewery at the park’s annual celebration, so I put it to case of 12 22’s, their basic IPA which is most popular around here. I’ll grab another case of the amber before I leave.

To my friends in Nebraska: beer comes in varieties and flavors that astound […]

Cannabis De-Prohibition in Washington

Subsequent to passage of Initiative 502, the State Liquor Control Board is developing rules, regulations, and fees for the distribution of marijuana products. The idea is that de-prohibiting growing, selling, and using will eliminate the black market. Users will benefit with transparency, quality control, and public safety. In exchange, users will pay more in taxes […]

Some History

Juan de Fuca was a Greek-born sailing pilot living in Venice but sailing out of Mexico for Spain who claimed all of the western North American continent as theirs. In those days you laid claim to whatever land you heard about, and then raced off to be the first to document what you claimed.

Around […]

Back in Chimacum

Smitty’s is a great alternative to the Escapee Park for if nothing else the change in scenery. So I’m back for about 9 days before heading to Yakima.

I’m looking forward to moving again, the trees everywhere getting a little boring. Not to Burning Man this year, I’ve got another plan.

Marrowstone Island

Smitty’s RV Park is a nice change from the Escapee park and just a tad outside the gate of Ft Flagler State Park. It’s a nice place and I’ll likely stay here again just for the change of scenery. The “kids” and my three grands were camping a couple of nights at the state park […]