Historical Novels

A bad historical novel can be cringe-inducing and cause anger for some people, and I’ve seen some pretty lousy attempts. While you must remember you are reading fiction, the facts and details must be absolutely historically accurate, an extremely difficult trick to pull off.

Hilary Mantel’s current books can be readily found on shelves now, […]

Books I Read

Most everyone that reads this knows that I don’t watch TV, instead burning up the hours reading. Very seldom (ever?) have I mentioned what I read, or why. That’s partly because I think a lot of folks aren’t avid readers and don’t care, and partly because I regard my reading tastes are my own and […]

Happenings this week

I finally did a walk-on and went to the Public Market in Seattle the other day, my favorite place to visit there. There are about a half-dozen eateries that I count as favorites, so when I only have a day it’s a tough decision for lunch. It was a nice trip.

Dave and Kathy moved […]

Here on the Peninsula

By now it should be obvious that I enjoy life on the Peninsula. The combination of blue water, high mountains, historic towns, the islands and ferry boats, old friends and family makes it all too perfect. For as many years as I’ve spent here during the summers, there’s always something new to see, or maybe […]

Back in Chimacum

Boy, I sure hated to leave my spot at Point Hudson. We had a great time wandering around town, trying out restaurants and shops, but mainly just sitting on the shore watching boats and animals and people.

Our mutual friends Steve and Sandy took the ferry over from Whidbey Island and we did some sight-seeing […]

Point Hudson

Point Hudson is a small marina and RV park in downtown Port Townsend, and is a very pretty and interesting place. I arrived yesterday and Dave and Kathy followed me in. We’ll be here for the week. We couldn’t ask for better weather.

New boat in the yard

Couldn’t miss this one on the hard at Port Townsend Boat Haven today, it looked like it had been been brought up from the bottom after a few years. It’s an interesting story:

It’s known as the Western Flyer, used by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts out of Monterey and in the Sea of Cortez. […]

Doctor stuff done

The specialist homed in a my vascular complaint today. While I have a problem developing, the fix is worse than the issue right now. So we are on a watch until next year. Not my preference, but the alternative did seem a tad aggressive in this case.

Those chores done I’ve still got some truck […]

A Nice Fourth?

From long experience I say that more often than not the weather on the Fourth around Puget Sound is crappy. Meteorologists call this a myth, saying it only rains about 1 in 5 years. Fine, but I said “crappy”, not “rainy”. When it’s better to keep the beer outside rather in the refrigerator, the grill […]

Doctor Visit 1

I got in to the vascular specialist today for an initial assessment, which means I have to start all over again with health history, family history, and current complaint. Traci was very good; after a few neat tricks she localized an artery restriction south of the heart and north of the knees on the left. […]