Going North

The Great Basin Highway (US93) goes north from Las Vegas mostly on valley floors, with only 2 interesting mountain passes. It ends in Nevada at Jackpot, along the Idaho border and close to the big population of Idaho saints which find Nevada-style entertainment appealing.

I want to check out a state park which comes with […]

Las Vegas

What the hell am I doing in Las Vegas? I don’t like Las Vegas. Well, when I got to Yuma I was a gallon low on coolant, but couldn’t find any leaks. The engine oil looked great, as did the coolant reservoir. Then, I was adding about a half gallon a day with no signs […]

Bullhead City/Laughlin

The Steps looked unattractive, better suited to watching fireworks than hanging out. So I continued on to Bullhead City. Katherine’s Landing is a big marina on Lake Mohave, with a lot of RV spots. I particularly like the thousands of oleander bushes in bloom. And it’s a federal recreation area so I can camp for […]

Going North

I could head west into California, but fuel prices being so high here, they would be unreasonable there. So I’m heading towards Las Vegas and then north to Idaho. Or at least to Wells, NV where I can change my mind.

Short-term I’m enjoying the desert and will make a short trip to a spot […]


Not exactly busy here, but it’s a free spot to park as I head north. I’m slowly heading to Washington, but am not in a hurry for cooler weather. And I don’t know which route I’ll be taking right now.

Except for a couple of dusty days, I got a lot done in Yuma. Replaced […]

Money to Mexico

I took a bunch of money to Algodones and left it there today. Dental, new sunglasses, the Purple Store, and lunch. Seasoned pro that I am now, I took a paperback while I waited for the dentist, waited for lenses to be made, and waited to cross the border.

I sat and read in the […]

Dusty in Yuma

High winds have the dust up, with visibility down to almost zero at times. This will last a couple of days, mornings being the best to go out and about.

I went shopping for glasses in Algodones today, and found there weren’t any really good deals. Despite there being dozens of eyeglass shops there, they […]

In Yuma

I’ve not been in Yuma after the winter visitors left, and it’s quite a difference. The VFW/BLM site only has a dozen rigs (a hundred is more typical) and there is no traffic on the streets. Parking lots are empty.

The city takes advantage by starting up road improvements which has caused some street closures. […]


There was no headwind and no dust. That’s the best that can be said for any drive on I-8 through the big desert to Yuma. The desert was green, but no wildflowers this year. I’ll be here at least a week, parked at the VFW/BLM site.

Last year when I was in Arizona the legislature […]

Casa Grande, AZ

The Escapee park here is a good stop on the way to Yuma, and they allow dry camping for one night free. I had forgotten that and planned on spending $5, so I took two nights. Not sure what I’ll do here for a day, but there’s a good Mexican food place I like. And […]