Hermiston, Oregon

I got up early and left early, and felt like going all the way to Pendleton. So I’m here in Hermiston, close enough. It’s been a while since I’ve been here so I want to check out the back room at the Pendleton Mill where they sell their rejects.

Nampa, Idaho

I wanted to see the [Take a breath here] Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, a rather large set-aside administered by the BLM. It’s a nice open-range with the Snake River Gorge in it, but too early for birds (the swallows had arrived, though) of interest.

I don’t visit the Boise […]

Hagerman Valley

I always forget how much I like Idaho, how fascinating it is. I became interested in birds driving through southern Idaho and wondering what those black, blue, and white birds were crossing the road ahead of me in such numbers. Magpies, and they were out in numbers today. Magpies are predators, feeding mainly on eggs, […]

Wendell, Idaho

Yet another small ag town. I’ve only driven through this part of Idaho so I thought I’d take it slow and look around a bit. The trees are blooming, and the spring bird migration has started, exactly what I said about 2 months when I was in the South.

I’m down out of the Nevada […]

Jackpot, Nevada

Jackpot, on the Idaho border, exists solely to provide a mini Las Vegas experience to folk in Southern Idaho. Traffic isn’t much on US93, some truckers use it, and there are a few snowbirds heading home.

Nevertheless, if one finds oneself on this highway (very pretty drive), the RV parking at the big casino is […]

Wells, NV

Wells is not much more than truck stops, motels, and brothels, a long way from anything. The Humboldt Range is pretty, and hunting is good here, but not much else. I’ve stopped here several times because of the pattern I tend to replicate when I travel.

I’ve tried a few places around here, but not […]

Things to do in Ely, Nevada

Not much. I’ve spent several hours messing around the train museum, which is a complete working railroad yard open to anyone to poke around. They have several diesel and steam locomotives, claim they are the last place to service steam locos. Crawl around the cars, watch the activity in the loco service bays. Help yourself […]

Ely, NV

US93 is a pretty, but mostly dramatic, drive. Big, big, high desert valleys surrounded by snow-topped mountains, very sparsely populated. I’m in Ely now, not that much of a town, but it does have a completely functional short-line railroad designated as a museum and mainly volunteer operated. That’s what I’m here to see. The Prospector […]

Joshua Trees! And, it’s cold

On my way up here I was struck by a large grove of a yucca species, very similar to Joshua Trees, but a bit smaller, more compact. I asked the ranger today and he confirmed they were indeed Joshua, an isolated stand in just the right place to thrive. Joshuas grow in a very narrow […]

Cathedral Gorge State Park

This is a nice little park somewhere in east Nevada, near the village of Panaca. It’s a high desert type of place with interesting rock formations about suitable for exploring, and very quiet.

It will be below freezing tonight. I’ve climbed enough, and gone far enough north, that Spring is just starting here. Two nights […]