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Jackpot, Nevada

Jackpot, on the Idaho border, exists solely to provide a mini Las Vegas experience to folk in Southern Idaho. Traffic isn’t much on US93, some truckers use it, and there are a few snowbirds heading home.

Nevertheless, if one finds oneself on this highway (very pretty drive), the RV parking at the big casino is real nice. Huge pull-throughs, good for motor homes pulling auto trailers. The rate is reasonable ($18).

It’s so dang cold (22 this morning) I’ll pay anything for electricity. My space heater is too small, so I use my propane cat heater during the night to keep up. I avoid using my furnace to conserve propane.

This has been for me the longest stretch of the coldest weather I’ve seen. I’m not taking any extraordinary steps to protect my water lines because I want to see what freezes and breaks. My lines are frozen in the morning, but once the sun comes up they thaw out. No breaks yet. When I do need to repair something, I’ll insulate the spot for the next time.

I left Wells this morning once I realized there was nothing to do there, I have seen (nearly) all the nearby attractions. There are no nearby attractions in Jackpot, but for the few hours when it’s warm enough I can walk around the town.

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