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Another pot store

The cannabis store at Discovery Bay opened up today, and as I needed to go to Sequim I was apprehensive about the traffic situation. This is the first store to open on the Peninsula. There was a line outside, and a lot of vehicles, but no traffic hassles.

Meanwhile, Seattle is suing the first large-scale growing operation for building code violations. More specifically, the City Attorney is suing the operation for minor, routine building permit discrepancies. Here’s the story:

The City Attorney, Pete Holmes, has always been in favor of legalization, and as an elected official it’s paid off for him. On the first day of legal sales, he made a big deal of showing up and buying some, then returned to his office and continued his duties. Besides being a bit undignified for a top elected city official, the City has a strict “drug-free workplace” policy, required to qualify for federal funds. The HR people freaked that he, the City’s attorney, was so obvious in bringing federally illegal drugs back to work.

So this maneuver concerning the building permits is a “make-up” to demonstrate his chops not to show partiality to the marijuana community. I guess some people will fall for it.

Pete’s thing was not to waste lawyer resources chasing minor pot offenses, now he has to spend resources to not show favoritism to pot cases…

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