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Besides Ron and Linda, and Steve and Sandy in town for an RV rally at the local fairgrounds, my family came over for a party at a neighbor’s second place on Dabob Bay, and then the girls (Rachel, Kate, Maizie, Ada) stayed over in Port Townsend. It’s been a fun and busy time lately.

I’ve stayed alongside Dabob Bay before at a Forest Service campground, but the friend’s place was on the other side, one of the very few remaining privately-owned lots in an area the state wants to buy to set aside as a preserve. Dabob is basically a large natural oyster bed, and the fresh water feeding it is crucial to it’s value. Real pretty out there in the woods no where near anything.

Rachel and Kate stayed the night at the Tides Inn in PT, a most pleasant spot on the shore. It was Maizie who picked out the wordplay for the place’s name before anyone else got it. It was nice to see that the walkway along the shore and under the balcony was a public path, part of the walking route that covers the entire bay. In Washington, everyone has free access to the beach wherever they want: it bugs me when I see the restrictions to access in other places.

It should be quiet for me for several days so I can mess with my boat projects a bit. Rain expected for the next few days, though.

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