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Tracking systems

A tracking system (see Seed to sale below) is in every adult-use marijuana law. It is always regarded as a universal good thing, crucial to pass either an initiative or a legislative bill. A state cannot legalize cannabis without implementing a tracing system.

They are expensive for the state, the licensees, and the customers. They don’t work, and there has never been any history of such systems to be useful for anything at all.

Washington started with a system, Colorado didn’t but started one a bit later after legalization. The WA system crashed shortly after implementation, losing all the data. Oregon and California phased in the tracking. No matter whether you lose your data, or start collecting it late, the state will have a system where some plants are tracked, and some aren’t. The result is useless data at high cost in unused systems.

Washington is replacing it’s tracking system with an in-house developed spreadsheet solicited from the licensees once a week. If it works (if it does anything useful) it will be a huge reduction in everyone’s costs and red tape. We’ll see.