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I’m changing my blog both in appearance and content. I’ve been commenting here on the legalization of cannabis since August of 2013 when the State of Washington was working on the regulatory framework for the new industry. Watching this process enticed me to follow along more closely, and look at other state’s efforts as well.

As the years went on, I had a lot of opportunities while traveling to see first-hand how each state was bringing up their version of legalization. Each state had it’s own ideas how to do this, and now, 7 years later, there have been many more states going down this road, and the ideas first passed into law in Colorado and Washington are getting a tad stale.

Today is the start of pre-filing of bills to be submitted to the WA legislature, and they will be working on many adjustments to the original marijuana law passed by the voters in 2012. I’ll spend the next several months following along, so I thought this would be a good time to change the direction of this blog to cover more on this topic, rather than just travel stuff.

I’m hoping the commenting function of this blog works better than the old one, so if you have something to say, give it try by clicking on the word “comments” just below the title of this post.