My normal travel is to head south this time of year. When the virus hit in March, I put off any decision-making until Sep 1. So here I am:

The virus is a big question mark. I am in a very safe place here on the northern Olympic Peninsula, but it’s unclear what the situation is or will be both along my route as well as any destination. Lockdowns and such might interfere with my plans, and I’ve got to consider that I might catch the virus in a very inconvenient place.

Routing is complicated by the wildfires almost everywhere in the West. I’ve dodged these things before but it’s not a favorite activity of mine. This season is shaping up to be particularly bad. Fires create refugees, and those people are put in places I generally use as parking places along my route.

A very serious family matter has come up and I do not know what will be happening on that front. While I cannot directly do much about the situation, it potentially could impact me economically. I’ve got to be ready for that.

And the economy itself could seriously impact my family if things don’t hang together. Another potential demand that I must plan for.

Then we have the general news/politics, especially related to the election. Who knows what the next thing will be that’s disruptive to “normal” life?

If I do not head south, I will be spending the winter here in Chimacum, something I haven’t done before. Some effort will be required to winterize my rig and to improve my heating.

That’s way more things than what I had planned on before I decide to take off, so I’m waiting to see for another few weeks. I’m in a safe situation right now, and I might be forced to keep it that way for the winter.

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