Legalization on the November Ballot

Four states have cannabis legalization questions on the ballot this fall:

Arizona Arizona has the most robust and successful medical marijuana program in the nation, and polls suggest the initiative will pass this year. Given the way the medical system is built, it will be almost an instantaneous switch to full legalization once it passes.

Montana Voters have two questions to decide: One is a constitutional amendment to set the legal age for marijuana at 21. The other is to fully legalize cannabis by statute like we see in other states.

South Dakota Voters will be presented with two initiative choices, one a medical program, the other fully legalizing cannabis like we see in other states.

New Jersey This will be the first cannabis legalization measure posed to voters via the legislative referendum process. Referendums are put to voters to push off the responsibility for the results to the citizens rather than the elected lawmakers, and to get ahead of a possible citizen initiative that might enact ideas the government doesn’t prefer.

There will be medical issues put to the electorate in scattered states, as well as local questions about bans, permitting, and taxation. Nationwide, these will number in the hundreds.

The biggest liar in the world has already stated his position on these efforts: Because these issues are expected to attract people to the voting booth, he views them as a threat to his reelection and to his party. I expect some very strange opposition arguments where ever the questions are posed.

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