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The Times We Are In

All things considered I’m in pretty good shape. I’m parked on my leased lot at the Escapee Cooperative in Chimacum, close to family way over there in Seattle, and it’s nearly impossible to spend money around here.

My days are spent reading, playing video games, listening to the radio, messing around on the internet, and I added cable TV to the mix. I haven’t watched TV for many years (except major sporting events) and am discovering what others have been talking about. I knew that the coming months were going to be quite interesting on the news front and figured I needed the access to more ideas. Sports would sure be nice.

Unfortunately that exposes me to the lies and bullshit that dribbles from the mouth of Dear Leader, making the present situation far worse than it needs to be. His detachment from reality is breathtaking at times. Most times.

The local community is doing quite well with effective leadership, transparency, and accuracy. They’re making great decisions about how to navigate this mess, and we have had minimal virus cases and deaths.

My family gets together in a Zoom meeting regularly which is better than nothing, but travel between the big city and rural Olympic Peninsula is not a good idea. Port Townsend is a popular tourist destination for those seeking to escape the urban environment, and it hurts the economy a lot to keep the attractions closed, but it’s commonly believed the drawbacks are worth it.

Since I wrote last I was in search of a haircut. I still am.

I’ll try to write more in the future.

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