Oregon Pot

Oregon grows too much pot, and that means low prices. How low? You regularly see $3 grams advertised, and $50 ounces, sometimes less. A joint can be had for $2.50. But that’s for folk on a budget. To get a better quality, $6 grams and $25 eighths are more like it. Contrast to CA with around $14 grams and $40 eighths (don’t be surprised to see $60 eighths). Washington is in the middle somewhere, Nevada is more like CA.

Oregon chose a free market model for regulating cannabis. They hand out licenses to anyone who qualifies, no matter what the market situation. A bill was introduced to allow the regulatory agency to stop with the license thing when supply went crazy, but it was defeated the other day. So Oregon will continue to issue licenses to grow.

This year along the Oregon Coast, hwy 101, nearly every town no matter how small has at least one pot shop, some have 5 or 6. I’m not sure how these places stay in business with so much competition and low prices.

We’ll see how their approach works…

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