I’ve been here a few days waiting for the next break in the rain, and tomorrow looks like I can move up to Seaside. And, there might be some dry days on the way. It’s been six weeks since I hit the Pacific coast, and I saw about 5 dry days total.

That means a lot of hours stuck indoors reading books and playing video games.

Yesterday, I hit the end of Zelda:Breath of the Wild. I started it around October first, and now am looking at the grand finale. I likely won’t complete it as the endings of these games are quite tedious and time-consuming, and after six months and solving thousands of puzzles, I need a break. Besides, my experience with Zelda is that even when I exert max effort and rescue her from the evil monster, she doesn’t appreciate it anyway.

BOTW is certainly one of the most competent, complex, engaging, and visually attractive games out there now. I’ve spent many hours just exploring the landscape which can be astoundingly beautiful. And I never got tired of the soundtrack. Great game.

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