The Border

The man-child’s bullshit about a crisis at the southern border is, of course, fantasy. Yesterday I went down to San Luis, AZ to see if anything looked different. San Luis is a full-service port of entry 20 miles south of Yuma, always quite busy with trucks and workers mainly serving the agriculture industry. Busy, yes, but that’s normal this time of year.

The limited crossing at Los Algodones serves pedestrians and one lane of automobiles, but not trucks. All is normal there.

Last week a largish group of people used a nearby tunnel to cross into the US and surrender to Border Patrol, and a toddler fell off a ladder and suffered minor injuries. While this type of event usually gets local news coverage, they are not especially remarkable. Most of the fence is the modern type, but maintenance on the older parts is poor, so these things can happen.

If there is a crisis or emergency, it’s the lack of bureaucrats to process perfectly legal asylum seekers. I saw no sign of military, or even national guard presence, but the Yuma area is a military area anyway so activity wouldn’t necessarily stand out as unusual.

I can’t see an emergency around here, and I haven’t heard anything from elsewhere along the border that’s out of the ordinary. But then, you knew that…

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