Back in Yuma

Steve and Sandy arrived in Quartzsite, bringing friends Dave and Shelley with them. We all sat around for a week or so while the tent show opened and the RVs poured in. I really like parking in the quiet desert and doing things in the town, but when the mobs come rolling in, I don’t like it all.

I had a spot that was close-in, relatively easy to find, and was big enough for 5 or 6 rigs, and had been sitting there for about 3 weeks. Just as my friends were arriving, my neighbor came over to announce she was expecting about 40 rigs. I didn’t think she had staked out enough real estate, but we worked out a boundary line that she was satisfied with. Now to make things even more awkward, these 40 rigs were all filled with families, with 2 kids and a dog or two in each one. Home-schooling full-timing RVrs. Not my idea of a quiet time in Q.

It worked out OK, but I was anxious to get out of there. The highway was backed up with traffic, it was impossible to get into restaurants and stores. In about 10 days all will be back to normal, but here in Yuma it is practically empty. Much saner.

I had a good time visiting folk, but I’m not going to be in Q next year during the show…

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