Utah Pot

I liked the title of this post, so I’ll try to write something about it.

Enough Utahns signed an initiative to legalize medical marijuana to get it on the ballot this election. Polls predict it would pass easily. The terms were quite typical of other medical marijuana states. Today, all sides agreed on a legislative solution, where a law will be passed wiping out the initiative results.

At this point the whole idea of legal pot in Utah is laughable. No matter how small the existing market, and no matter how strict the regulations, an organized legal regulated market leads to an increase in demand. When marijuana is legalized for medical use, it’s legal for everyone. The market will take care of that demand, no matter what the rules say.

No matter what the voters decide in a few weeks, the legislature will try to overturn the whole thing, and will likely succeed. This is called the “Utah Way”.

Moab will be fun in a couple of years….

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