Can I leave Grand Junction now?

My rv was dropped at the axle alignment place in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm, the kind you usually see on the other side of the Rockies. They wouldn’t put my Farmington (it was built there) on the axle-bender because the axle was welded. Then, they pointed out I had truck tires, not trailer tires.

I had to laugh when they told me this. I have been through a lot of tires, wheels, and axles, and have discussed my problems with mechanics all over the country. Not a one has solved my problem, and they are frequently contradictory with their advice.

Tomorrow I go up the road a short distance just to try things out. Every bolt on my undercarriage has been touched by someone who might have had a moment of inattention at the wrong time. Just to make it interesting, I’m on the worst road around. Interesting not enough? To make it scary I put my damaged tire back on instead of the spare.

Pretty country here. I doubt I’ll be thinking much of it until I get through Denver and on the plains.

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