Santa Rosa

I survived the CA freeway system and made to Santa Rosa on US-101. I asked for a week’s stay without expecting to get it, but was surprised when they managed to invent several spots they apparently don’t use. I’m at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

Santa Rosa, of course, is where the fires did so much damage last fall. The rv park is filled with displaced people and workers involved in recovery operations. FEMA provided trailers. I was annoyed with the nice people running the rv park when they kept referring to the folks as “FEMA People” when they aren’t government employees, but Santa Rosans without their houses.

The trailers are regular 30 foot travel trailers (Mallard, Bullet, Pioneer, etc), all from Camping World. Not bad units at all, though to be housed in them against one’s desires is likely not a good deal. But they are loads better than the Katrina trailers that were used.

I’ll have plenty of time to explore this part of the North Coast; I usually stay north of here. The weather is nice today, but it looks like I’ll have drizzle for the duration.

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