Central Valley

I was in Lancaster, CA last night. Lancaster seems to be a very far-flung suburb (exburb?) from LA. Nothing special but the drive westward from there through the Antelope Valley was fascinating. I personally haven’t seen so many large solar farms anywhere. What that means is the normally empty fairgrounds rv park was half-full of workers on the farms. Reminded me of the time in Texas when the oil fraccers were going at it, and I had to hunt for a parking place.

The drive from Lancaster to I-5 is about 40 miles, and is the California Poppy Preserve. I can’t imagine a worse idea than erecting solar farms over poppies, but then I can’t imagine the need to protect poppies in California.

I picked CA-99 as my route through the San Joaquin Valley rather an I-5. There’s more to see, but the road can be brutal at times. It wasn’t bad today.

My target is Santa Rosa, in Sonoma, as quickly as possible. That means that tomorrow I must drive the East Bay area. The reward is that I will be on US-101, what I consider “home”.

I’d like it if I could set up a week-long base in Santa Rosa, but as I understand it I can probably only get a couple of nights. The fairgrounds is almost filled with displaced fire victims.

When I left Arizona, I paid 2.25 for gas. When I hit CA it was 3.50.

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