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Books in Grass Valley

Grass Valley has a bookstore that’s different from others I’ve seen. BookTown Books is a single storefront with about 20 smaller stores within it. Like an antique mall. Each of the sellers is quite sloppy with their organization which makes finding anything specific damn hard. Then, each tends to some eclectic genres, or unusual collections. Come prepared to browse for a long time. I actually found a title I’ve been after for some time, so it can be done.

Nearby I picked up a pastie to take home. Pasties are a Sierra thing.

Like all Gold Country towns, this is a mining town on the side of a hill. Roads are steep and narrow, and parking is a big problem. I wouldn’t want to live here (snow, fire), but it’s a nice place to visit.

The fairgrounds has a well-run RV park, though it’s not a bargain.

Tomorrow I head over the summit and land in the desert at Reno. Washoe Lake State Park is a favorite of mine, close to Carson City. I’ll be looking for an RV repair shop and deciding on my next move.

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