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Grumbling Locals

Wherever you go in this part of the country (cannabis farms) you hear complaints from the citizens about the “trimmigrants”, casual labor that follows the marijuana harvest. I have to admit I can see their point here in Ashland.

There are a lot of “different” folk hanging out downtown, camping in the woods, and parking their crappy rv’s and campers on the streets. Actual disturbances by them are minimal, though not zero.

I prefer to call these folks “travelers”, and not assign a different label because of the work they seek. This is marijuana harvest season and there are a lot of jobs out there paying well in cash. Travelers stick around for a short time and then leave. Leaving the money they made behind at the gas station/convenience store as they move to the next gig. Taking a few pounds of weed to sell for gas money.

In just a few years the idea of casual labor processing marijuana will be the same as the community corn-shucking.

Let me define Trimmigrant.. The final marijuana processing is trimming, removing the extra leaves from the flower bud to increase it’s eye appeal. This cam be done by hand with scissors or by machine. Trimmigrants are said to travel from farm to farm offering their labor to trim marijuana flowers.

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