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Race to Alaska

Stories are coming in. Apparently Mark’s boat suffered some damage and water got into the dry sleeping gear, making it quite uncomfortable. Then, weather and seas combined to do some serious damage to the front of the boat. Well, he made it; whether it’s worth barging the boat back to San Francisco, I’d wonder.

Remember the team of chair-bound guys? They had a lot of problems early on, barely making headway. When they got to Campbell River (about halfway up Vancouver Island) one crew member bailed and went home. The other guys wanted to keep going, so they put out a call for anyone to help them finish the race. One fellow who had finished 4th or 5th volunteered to help them from Campbell to the 2/3 point, then Mark will jump on and stay with them to Ketchikan.

So that’s a nice little story in the works; sailors love telling stories…

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