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Pot: We now have a contest in Washington

As of today, the State of Washington is now completely in control of the “legal” cannabis market. Anyone near the plant requires a license issued by them. All pot dealers must report every sale and send one-third of their money to the state.

All others are now members of the “black market”.

Well, except for a tiny few. Washington now has a medical marijuana law that if it were implemented ten years ago would have been impressive, but now is among the most restrictive in the nation. Oh, they’ll count as a medical marijuana state, but down there with Alabama. Some people will try to follow the rules against all reason, but the system is rigged so they’ll have no customers in 6 months. The restrictions are so great it seems at first look it was purposefully done to force the medical market into extinction. Yes, it was. That’s the purpose of the new medical marijuana law that went into effect today.

Since 1966 pot growers and dealers have survived and thrived 100% of the legal weapons thrown at them by society and governments. Every time they’ve managed to figure out a loophole in the law, a new technology to solve a risk problem, a play on words that changes the public’s perceptions. I have no doubt, no doubt whatsover, that they’ll do it again and invent an entirely new business model that not only pushes the law but social attitudes. And something else that hasn’t been invented yet.

Oh, and now people don’t have to cite a medical condition to justify their smoking dope…

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