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Wooden Boat Festival

Usually I’m not here for this event, I’m in Nevada, so I was looking forward to sticking around to see the Wooden Boat Festival. I was impressed. It is far bigger than what you’d expect in Port Townsend (a small place), and of very high quality.

Admission fee is $15 a day, but consider it’s the only revenue source for the organization. The food carts were excellent and varied, but pricey. Parking, as you can imagine if you know the town, was tight; I used the bus from the park-and ride.

The boats were great, though. The marina was filled, and most of the RV park was dedicated to the event.

The location is Pt Hudson Marina and RV Park, a favorite place to stay. My best spots, 360 and 361, were used by an outdoor bar and a stage for boat building presentations. Dave and Kathy’s favorite spot was a shallow swimming pool used for RC sailboats and teaching how to use a paddleboard.

I enjoyed the visit, though the walking was much more than I’ve been able to muster for the last several months. I did it just fine, but it hit me when I got home. I’ve got to work in more walking now that everything’s fixed up.

I’m still planning on leaving Chimacum on Tuesday.

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