Pot: California

California started the legal marijuana thing in 1996 with the first medical marijuana law in the land. Unfortunately the state did not define the regulations for the industry.

Yesterday the legislature did, 19 years later. If signed by the governor, the new laws take effect in 2018.

The leaders of CA know that an initiative to completely legalize cannabis in 2016 will pass, so they thought they should have some basic stuff in place beforehand. Colorado did a quick implementation of the retail market because they had a solid medical system in place. Washington screwed up and was without any foundation at all, creating all sorts of problems.

Then Oregon comes along and demonstrates the conversion can be done in months, provided you’re set up beforehand like Colorado. If California hadn’t put something in place now, the retail system will be a mess.

Actually, CA is such a mess I’m doubtful anything will make it right.

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