Port Angeles

The big deal in PA is the Shell oil rig in the harbor. It’s one of your standard deep-water rigs, frequently seen in the Gulf of Mexico, but seldom seen in these waters. After it’s journey from Asia, it moves to Seattle in a week or so.

In Seattle it gets “outfitted” and then moved back out to the Pacific and then the Arctic Ocean. By August it will be parked, and likely destroyed by weather, sea, and ice a few months later.

While in Seattle it will be an important focus for protests and demonstrations. All players have been practicing for this for almost 4 years: Greenpeace, Shell, the anarchists, Coast Guard, environmentalists, Seattle Police, the trade unions, Port of Seattle Police. Locally, the show is shaping up to be a good one.

So here comes another Seattle demonstration. Lets hope it stays safe….

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