Pot: The WSLCB is Fooling Us

The Washington State Liquor Control Board announced today, April 20, that the average selling price for a gram of marijuana is $12. Which is “proof” they are doing a good job.

The average price of marijuana in Washington state is not $12, it’s more like $20 if you are frugal, $25 if normal. Good deals are available, though.

The LCB is no doubt using a most fascinating arithmetic model on their raw data to get to this number. My guess is that they take just the one-ounce sales (but few people buy at the maximum amount) to estimate the 1 gram price. So if I wanted to know how much a few pounds would cost me as I went to Nebraska to sell it, I’d use the LCB number to estimate my budget.

Of course, even at the LCB estimate, it would be an idiot that paid that much to take weed to Nebraska, or anywhere.

It’s kinda sad to see the WSLCB make such a stupid error. They will be discovered in a few days, confidence will fall off, and then the spiral down starts.

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