Pot and Halloween

Tis the season for the myth that “marijuana-laced” candy is being handed out to children. This has not happened in reality.

A big “tell” that you’re looking at the myth is use of the word “laced” which is never used in cannabis circles. Another is that the report comes from a small-town sheriff or […]

Alternate Reality

I came across this story from Bedford, Illinois, WBIW.com. A Mr. Lantz and Ms. Thornton were busted for selling marijuana:

According to a probable cause affidavit on Thursday, September 3rd at approximately 11:59 p.m. a confidential informant was given an undisclosed amount of cash to purchase marijuana from Thornton. The informant recorded the […]

Washington State Medical Marijuana

I renewed my medical marijuana card the other day. That might seem odd in a legal state, but I can explain. First, here’s an overview of the medical marijuana program in Washington.

The voters passed I-692 in 1998 to enable a basic medical marijuana program. Similar to others already passed, “caregivers” could grow […]


My normal travel is to head south this time of year. When the virus hit in March, I put off any decision-making until Sep 1. So here I am:

The virus is a big question mark. I am in a very safe place here on the northern Olympic Peninsula, but it’s unclear what the […]