Pot and Halloween

Tis the season for the myth that “marijuana-laced” candy is being handed out to children. This has not happened in reality.

A big “tell” that you’re looking at the myth is use of the word “laced” which is never used in cannabis circles. Another is that the report comes from a small-town sheriff or minor police officer from a prohibitionist state. Actually, be suspicious of ANY law enforcement officer making such a claim.

Ignorant cops like to show pictures of the goods in question which are copies of popular products that appeal to kids. No legal state allows such products or packaging, and all legal packages have detailed sourcing data which is easily traced.

It’s quite common in the illegal states for counterfeits to circulate on the black market, but it’s not difficult to examine and research such packages to see where they come from. If you are a consumer in such a state, please learn how to tell what you’re buying. Better yet, become an activist to change the drug laws in your state which are the source of the danger.

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