Back in Chimacum

I’ll be here for a while, like until September.

Oregon Pot

Oregon grows too much pot, and that means low prices. How low? You regularly see $3 grams advertised, and $50 ounces, sometimes less. A joint can be had for $2.50. But that’s for folk on a budget. To get a better quality, $6 grams and $25 eighths are more like it. Contrast to CA […]


I’ve been here a few days waiting for the next break in the rain, and tomorrow looks like I can move up to Seaside. And, there might be some dry days on the way. It’s been six weeks since I hit the Pacific coast, and I saw about 5 dry days total.

That means […]

Newport, OR

There was a weather break today, so up the road I went to Newport, one of my favorite Oregon Coast places. I stay at the Marina and RV park which is super nice, with a view of the bridge, and when the weather cooperates, some great beaches within a short distance.


Atmospheric River

That’s a relatively new term to describe the weather I’ve been living with for weeks now. It means a lot of rain, and high winds on the NW coast. Today it rained over 2 inches. Yesterday winds were around 55 mph. That’s what I’ve seen almost every day lately.

In Bandon for a bit […]

California blew it on pot

When CA wrote it’s enabling legislation and regulatory rules after passing Prop 64 enabling a legal regulated cannabis market, it looked pretty good. Sure, it was heavy in red-tape and annoying fees, but this is California. And, coming in late to the game, they had the benefit of experiences from other states which had […]

Bandon, Oregon

There’s been a lot of rain lately, and I don’t see a sun break in the forecast for quite some time. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a lot of sitting until favorable travel conditions appear. I’ll be several days in Bandon exploring the area.