The Border

The man-child’s bullshit about a crisis at the southern border is, of course, fantasy. Yesterday I went down to San Luis, AZ to see if anything looked different. San Luis is a full-service port of entry 20 miles south of Yuma, always quite busy with trucks and workers mainly serving the agriculture industry. Busy, yes, […]

Back in Yuma

Steve and Sandy arrived in Quartzsite, bringing friends Dave and Shelley with them. We all sat around for a week or so while the tent show opened and the RVs poured in. I really like parking in the quiet desert and doing things in the town, but when the mobs come rolling in, I don’t […]

Washington Pot

It’s been 6 years since the cannabis laws were written in Washington state (Colorado, too) and like all man-made things, some maintenance is needed. The legislature convened yesterday, and I’ll be watching what they do this year.

The first bill filed deals with the oldest bone of contention, distance setbacks of cannabis businesses from places […]

Fox News

Wow, I’m surprised. Fox News has run an opinion piece by Tom Basile on marijuana legalization, in which he invents a typical Fox conspiracy theory that the Democrats are hypocrites for ignoring negative studies on the use of pot. Specifically, he claims the Dems are getting money from “Big Pot”, even though the science says […]


I’m back in Q for a while. Trump’s shutdown has no impact on us here in the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area), except the BLM isn’t collecting data or money. I dumped on the way in today, got water, and the trash bins are being serviced. Business as usual here as well as in town, […]