California Pot

A year in now, the situation in CA is mixed. The state system was reasonable, given it was California, but to have 500-something towns and counties come up with their own rules, sometimes just as complicated, turns the ability to do business into a joke.

Those with an infinite amount of money and lawyers are […]

Yuma for a while

I’m back in Yuma for a change of scenery and access to better food. Quartzsite eateries are very, very mundane.

As usual I’m at the VFW/BLM spot, but this time the WINS (an RV travel club) are here, nearly filling the place up. Every year I run into them at least once as we have […]

BLM and Trump’s shutdown

I’m sitting on BLM land right now. The check-in station is closed, but the dump and water stations are open, though not monitored. So it’s basically business-as-usual, very low impact. These functions are staffed by unpaid volunteers, but they cannot “work” anyway during the shutdown. No savings here.

An observation: Over the last month I’ve […]

Vermont Pot

Vermont is a legal state, but it does not have a regulated commercial market. They are considering state control of a marketplace, but requested a committee provide input to the decision makers.

The committee recommended that the issue of detecting impaired driving be addressed first and foremost before proceeding.

My note to Vermont: Over 30 […]

De-prohibition on the East Coast

After so many years of successful legalization in the West, I’m baffled by the approaches seen in the East:

New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo: “We will end the disproportionate criminalization of one race over another by regulating, legalizing and taxing the adult use of recreational marijuana.” (December 17, 2018).

New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu (from […]

Hemp is legal in the US

Hemp is cannabis, the same plant that we argue about called marijuana. Like all plants, in various degrees, cannabis has a rich enough genome to adapt to different environments.

The Farm Bill legalizes hemp throughout the US, provided it contains less than .3% THC. That makes it a shitty smoke, but it’s great for seed […]

Oklahoma Pot

The people of Oklahoma passed an initiative enabling medical marijuana. The state immediately went to work to implement it, the law was a good one, and they’re coming online with little fuss or muss.

They are out of the gate with 742 medical marijuana dispensaries licensed. A dispensary is much like a store, but also […]

That time of year

Tilting my panels is a chore I don’t like, but when the daylight hours are shortened, and the sun drops towards the horizon, I have no choice to keep my batteries charged up. They’re tilted now, just in time for a couple of days of cloud cover. My panels are back to working like they […]