That time of year

Tilting my panels is a chore I don’t like, but when the daylight hours are shortened, and the sun drops towards the horizon, I have no choice to keep my batteries charged up. They’re tilted now, just in time for a couple of days of cloud cover. My panels are back to working like they should.

Assuming I’m using propane for fridge, heat, and hot water, my laptop computer is the biggest draw on my batteries. But, this year I acquired a Nintendo Switch which consumes almost as much as the laptop. And I replaced my hand vacuum with a new model which has a hefty lithium-ion battery in it. Bottom line is that I’m using more solar-charged batteries to charge up more re-chargable batteries.

I’ve seen more people hanging panels on the sides of their rigs, likely covering up windows. It’s inconvenient not having a window, but it’s temporary and easy.

Still fairly quiet in Q, which is nice…

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