Yuma for a while

I’m back in Yuma for a change of scenery and access to better food. Quartzsite eateries are very, very mundane.

As usual I’m at the VFW/BLM spot, but this time the WINS (an RV travel club) are here, nearly filling the place up. Every year I run into them at least once as we have similar routes in the SW. The hassle is that I have my solar panels set up for a direction that I couldn’t match because of space. Extra work.

The Trump shutdown has minimal impact at the Q parking areas, except now there is no garbage pickup, and all the dumpsters were overflowing. Folk can use the county’s transfer station (about 14 miles away) but it isn’t set up to handle everybody. As a rule, RV’rs are kind to the environment and gladly use the facilities provided. Now they’ll be going into town and hunting down the merchants’ trash bins.

Or, stashing their garbage in the desert somewhere…

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