This is getting crazy. I’ve been in smokey areas before, but only for a few days at most. It’s gone on now for 2 weeks. The morning weather reports describe the day as either “bad” or “worse”, and promise relief in a few days, which so far hasn’t happened.

I’m having a bedliner put in […]

Test Drive

An obvious first test drive would be the Olympic Mountains, the National Park, but the region’s air is so full of smoke, there would be no views. But just general driving around here’s what I’ve found so far.

I buy the most basic stock truck that I can, adding only the trailer package options. I […]

New Truck

I bought a new truck, delivered today. Its a 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD, basically the same as my other truck. The new one has 4WD, and instead of the 8L engine I had, it’s a 6L with the same hp rating. It has power windows and a few other gadgets that are now standard, but […]