This is getting crazy. I’ve been in smokey areas before, but only for a few days at most. It’s gone on now for 2 weeks. The morning weather reports describe the day as either “bad” or “worse”, and promise relief in a few days, which so far hasn’t happened.

I’m having a bedliner put in my truck today; on Friday my hitch will be installed, after being cleaned up and painted this week. The bedliner decision was based purely on aesthetics: I looked out my window down at the truck parked next to me and thought “antique bath tub”. Knowing that the thought will never leave my mind, I went for the (black) liner. And managed to think of this before I installed the hitch.

Being the peninsula, service providers are few and far between. The neighbor RV shop is doing the hitch, the liner is being installed by a guy in Sequim, and to cover transport needs while that is being done, a rental car from Port Angeles. The rental is a cheap Nissan, which I would never own. My truck, as bare-bones as it is, is a lot better.

Tomorrow I’ll get the truck, then I think I’ll sit indoors for a day or two. My eyes burn.

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