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New Truck

I bought a new truck, delivered today. Its a 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD, basically the same as my other truck. The new one has 4WD, and instead of the 8L engine I had, it’s a 6L with the same hp rating. It has power windows and a few other gadgets that are now standard, but the biggest thing is the radio has a screen now, and I have no idea how to use it. There’s more plastic things everywhere.

My plan calls for a few after-market additions, like steps, but I’d like to wait until I get into a region of the US that has decent truck parts stores.

I’m into it for less money than I anticipated, but I gather GMC is cheaper than Chevrolet, the factory rebate was higher than I thought, and even my credit union threw in $350 for some reason. The interaction with the dealer was contentious as hell, but I never have to do that again. Well, my rv is getting close to replacement, too.

Tomorrow I’ll square away the insurance, then take a test drive.

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